Lync/Skype for Business Message Limit

Maximum frustration alert!

Lync (Skype for Business) has a maximum message size limit for instant messages:

This message is too long.

The limit cannot be configured and has a bizarre maximum of 800 characters for the first message and 8000 characters for subsequent messages to the same recipient. What? Why? How? Confusion and frustration ensues.

I actually enjoy using Lync but this one unresolvable minor irritation is spoiling the entire experience every time I want to share text with my colleagues.

5 thoughts on “Lync/Skype for Business Message Limit

  1. The technical reason for this limitation is odd (at the very least..) and the impact on the user experience is far from being negligible. Microsoft should consider fixing it.

  2. Why are any databases of concern here, if it is an IM message, it should just have be sent straight from the sender to the recipient; why is a database involved in this process?

  3. NVARCHAR datatype has a limit in storage. The field can’t contain more then 8000 characters. That’s why you can’t send it.

    1. @SHAGGY:

      Thanks for sharing. Regardless the technical reasoning for the limitation, it is still a frustrating user experience for those of us coming from instant messaging platforms that do not have such a limitation.

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