LDAP User Management Tools and User Private Groups

Is it just me or are there no LDAP user management tools that support User Private Groups (UPG)?

I’m well aware of the FreeIPA project and that project does in fact support UPG, probably because it’s a RedHat project but I’ve determined that FreeIPA is too comprehensive for my needs. Despite Kerberos being the “right” solution in every sense of the term, I’d rather have the simplicity of binding to the LDAP server for authentication, even though I know that using LDAP as an authentication service is “wrong”.

My question, loyalty challenged readers, is: Are there any LDAP user management tools out there that support UPG?

Let me start the list:

  • LAM – NO
  • phpLDAPadmin – NO
  • Luma – NO
  • LAT – NO
  • Gosa – NO
  • smbldap-tools – Maybe?

Not to bash any of those tools, but I’ve decided to start writing my own simple “useradd” script for now because the workflow for creating a user with the UPG scheme with any of these tools is an annoying multi-step process. While my solution is site-specific and non-comprehensive, it just exactly the job I need done, done. And fast. I used perl and Net::LDAP, among other modules. Once I figured out if I want to it keep it on the console or move it to the web, I’ll post the results… even if it won’t be useful to anyone as-is.

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