Life Support!

Wow! A whole 2.75 months and nothing new on techslaves… things are getting boring around here!

I’ve been itching to make some new posts but work has picked up lately. I’m working on a new project I started as a collaboration with a large IT group here on campus. There is lots of exciting stuff going on with the project and when it’s all said and done, I’m going to share valuable things I learned along the way.

Just to force myself to finally write about it, I’m going to list the vague project key points and then I’ll just have no choice but to follow up or let everyone (read: myself) down:

  • Setup OpenLDAP w/ TLS, syncrepl, LAM
  • Migrate existing NIS directory to LDAP
  • NFS and Samba (security = user) migration to High Availability w/ Heartbeat/Pacemaker/DRBD
  • iSCSI SAN storage w/ multipath and HBAs
  • Large data consolidation (4TB+) from multiple sources
  • Support Windows XP,Vista,7 and Ubuntu 8,9,10 and Centos 4,5 clients w/ automount in LDAP on all Linux clients.

We’re targeting an end date of August 31st, wish me luck. Beans will be spilled!

Next project down the line might be back with my group going one-up on this configuration by implementing FreeIPA v2 for it’s slick Kerberos, HBAC and (hopefully) sudo policy integration. FreeIPA does raise some new questions but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Stay hungry, techslaves.

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