The New and Improved…

Here it is: The new and improved Well, I don’t actually know if it’s improved but sure is new. In a rash decision, I’ve decided to drop any fantasy of supporting a community of tech-minded people through The site was previous an SMF forum with a nice mod called TinyPortal that I used to publish articles and coax friends and acquaintances into submitting their own content for publishing.

Community building is hard and I’m lazy. What more can I say?

Techslaves is now powered by WordPress because it’s just so much better for doing what I want to be doing with the site from now on (which is dumping my brain contents onto the web) than SMF + TinyPortal. At this point, I’m trying to port some content over from the previous version of the site. I don’t expect to port all the content over, especially content contributed by other people. Also, from regularly checking my logs, I noticed that I would receive a decent amount of traffic for posts I won’t be bringing over. It’s time to move on anyways…

So what’s the end-game of dropping the bot-magnet community forum model and converting to WordPress? I’m hoping that the much better tools for writing and managing the content, plus the simplified presentation will coerce me into writing down some of my thoughts a bit more often. I’m hoping to present those thoughts more clearly and with less distraction from download pages, galleries, forums, etc. No high hopes, just a change of scenery to shake things up a bit.

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments.

5 thoughts to “The New and Improved…”

  1. There’s not a failure message, it just doesn’t disable the camera.

    I’m a little fuzzy on the details but I remember that there were some significant changes in 10.5.7. My guess is that Apple made the same changes to the camera drivers in the later version(s) of Leopard that the put in Snow leopard. I used my Snow Leopard script to successfully disable the camera, so the 3.5 version should work. I’ll try using your download next time to confirm.

    1. My intuition tells me the same thing: Apple changed something to do with the iSight drivers in 10.5.8 that coincides with same changes I saw in Snow Leopard vs. Leopard when I first a look.

      If this can be confirmed, I’ll make note on the iSight Disabler page that >= 10.5.8 should download and use version 3.5 instead of 3.

      Thanks again, fdoc.

  2. Thanks for checking back and leaving a comment about version 3 on Leopard. Can you describe the failure? It just doesn’t properly disable the camera?

  3. I was just going to leave a comment about iSight Disabler, but things have changed……

    I noticed that version 3 fails in Leopard now (at least on several white ’07 MacBooks running 10.5.8). I tried the newer one and it worked fine.

    Good luck with the new site.

  4. Hrm. When I saw the title I was hoping you’d finally seen sense and went with a tech-oriented S&M site. Oh well. Looks nice anyway.

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