VMware IP Hash Algorithm Calculator

Have you ever needed to determined the uplink port that a particular IP connection uses within your VMware vSphere environment when using IP hash load balancing algorithm, but were discouraged by the time investment required to manually do the math?

Mike Da Costa describes the algorithm and troubleshooting techniques in detail in his blog post “Troubleshooting Network Teaming Problems with IP Hash” but doing the proposed calculations by hand is somewhat tedious due to various conversions and formulas.

Not to fear! I have developed a Microsoft Excel (2013) spreadsheet that will perform the calculations and display the uplink index and per-uplink sums. All you need are source IP address(es), destination IP address(es) and number of uplink ports.

My apologies for Excel. It’s not that I have particular love for Excel or proprietary Microsoft tools, it’s that these are the tools my current employer uses and are immediately available to me. It’s likely the spreadsheet can be recreated or converted to [Libre|Open]Office, if someone was motivated enough to try.

Download: VMware-IP-hash-calculator-techslaves_org.xlsx