tmux for MobaXterm

An old friend meets a new friend: tmux for MobaXterm!

In a previous sysadmin life, I used tmux to good effect. Today, I’m using a Windows 8.1 system as my primary work desktop and recently got into MobaXterm for my Linux/terminal/X11 needs. While my most common usage scenario for tmux is invoking it on a remote server/VM instead of directly on my local machine, I thought it would be a good exercise to install tmux for local usage on MobaXterm and sharing that work by creating a plugin.

Download: tmux 1.9a for MobaXterm (tmux.mxt3)

tmux.mxt3 includes the following software:

The licenses for the above software is included within the mxt3 (zip) file.

For additional MobaXterm plugins and installation instructions, see the MobaXterm plugins page.

Additional credits: