Yet Another AoE vs. iSCSI Opinion (YAAVIO)

That’s right, folks! Yet another asshole blogger here, sharing his AoE (ATA over Ethernet) vs. iSCSI (Internet SCSI) opinion with the world!

As if there wasn’t already enough discussion surrounding AoE vs. iSCSI in mailing lists, forums and blogs, I am going to add more baseless opinion to the existing overwhelming heap of information on the subject. I’m sure this will be lost in the noise but after having implemented AoE with CORAID devices and iSCSI with an IBM (well, LSI) device and iSCSI with software targets in the past I feel I finally have something share.

This isn’t a technical analysis. I’m not dissecting the protocols nor am I suggesting implementation of either protocol for your project. What I am doing is sharing some of my experiences and observations simply because I can. Read on, brave souls.

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