l2c.pl – Lines to Columns

Here is a little perl script I wrote some time back for converting a text file’s contents from lines to columns.

I’d like to present this script and then psuedo-challenge other visitors of this site to write a more efficient algorithm in the language of their choice. Unfortunately, any way (that I know of) for measuring the efficiency of two or more algorithms across different languages is going to be skewed due to differences in efficiency of compilers, interpreters and what not.

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OpenGear CM4116 Review

I recently started paying more attention to the OpenGear CM4116 remote console server that was installed at my work before I arrived. Ever since I arrived, I thought of it as more of a pain than a useful tool. This was mostly because it was configured to provide only serial console access to servers and storage devices through an SSH tunnel.

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Nanorcs: Ultrasimplistic Configuration File Revision Control

I present to you nanorcs, my ultrasimplistic configuration file revision control method. It’s nothing significant but at least it’s something to post about.

What is nanorcs? It’s a very simple bash script wrapper around the nano, the cute GNU version of pico and RCS, a basic but functional revision control software package. The script is used in place of a call to ‘nano’ when editing a file and it automates the tasks related to change management of configuration files including tasks such as check in/out, and prompting the user when a discrepancy between the current file version and the RCS version exist.

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